Top 10 Soft Skills needed in the Healthcare Field


Check out and see – do you have what is needed for a successful career in the healthcare field?

  • Empathy - In the healthcare & criminal justice fields, you have to be able to empathize and/or sympathize with the difficult situations faced by others.
  • Communication Skills - Being able to communicate well with patients and colleagues is vital.
  • Be a Team Player - You're probably going to be part of a team; you need to be able to 'play nicely' with others and genuinely encourage & support your colleagues.
  • Dealing With Pressure - Pressure is a daily part of many healthcare & criminal justice careers; you have to be able to handle it, and thrive on it.
  • Strong Work Ethic - You will often have to go 'above & beyond' in the care and service of others – many healthcare & criminal justice careers are not 9-5.
  • Positive Mental Attitude - There will be difficult days ahead; you have to be able to see the bigger picture otherwise this field could bring you down.
  • Flexibility - Can you cover an extra shift? Can you stay late? Again, these aren't 9-5 career fields.
  • Time Management - Important in any career, but lives could literally depend on your timeliness.
  • Self-Confidence - Nobody wants to think they are being cared for by a novice, so you need to project self-confidence in your abilities no matter how experienced you actually are.
  • Dealing With Criticism - You don't know everything, and in healthcare things are always changing. You need to have the ability to accept and learn from criticism.